Liquisort Systems


  • If you are seeking an improvement in your recycling process, by means of a more efficient sorting of your material flows, with your final objective being to produce pure fractions.
  • If you are seeking optimum reprocessing of your material blends to realise, in these times of raw materials shortage, a re-use as secondary commodities.
  • If your vision to achieve this is by means of a socially responsible manner social liable trafficking, using sustainable innovative technologies, realising better company performances.
  • If you are seeking positive, sustainable environmental targets and CO2 reduction.
  • If you want to invest in revolutionary technology that guarantees higher profit margins and consolidates your market position.
  • If your earning capacity and a fast payback time are of eminent importance to you and dynamic and innovative business concepts are important key words in your company.

Liquisort Systems consists of a sustainable, highly innovative and patented revolutionary sorting method with exceptional sorting efficiency that makes it possible to sort various metal mixes into clean, separated fractions. The MDS technology guarantees an exceedingly high degree of purity, resulting in the maximum benefit of the particular material flows.

Because this separation technology uses just a single property of the material, namely its density, and does not depend on the size or shape of the particles it is possible to achieve an extremely clean separation.

Contact us and get acquainted with the patented MDS sorting technology and you will be convinced by the benefits that this technology has to offer you and your company.

We are keen to discuss with you the possibilities of the implementation of the MDS technology in your process.


Liquisort, specialising in MDS-technology, is the answer.

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